Christian Jormin & Christian Munthe: Sedimentology (xfxs-6). Thick paper cover in a plastic sleeve. Limited edition of 150 copies.

A meeting of temperaments, approaches and histories in a merge of musical of breadths that both unites and confronts two sides of Sweden and Swedish improvised music into a quite foreign object. Jormin has been a prominent drummer in Swedish modern jazz and improvised music since the 1980's, and since several years also leads his own piano trio, as well as lending his percussive talents to progressive folk unit Den Fule. Recorded on the unique island of Brännö in the Gothenburg southern archipelago, where Jormin lives and Munthe spends his summers since several years, the musicians find in the layers of this music the dense heat of countryside summer afternoon as it appears inside the narrow confines of a small shack after a good while of intense musical togetherness.

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